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Sports Books

Texas H.S. Track Champions, 1905-2005
In 2005, Dr. Wilbanks published a CD/book entitled, Texas H.S. Track Champions, 1905-2005, which is an "encyclopedic" history of the state track meet since its beginning in 1905. The book lists all state champions for boys (1905-2005) and girls (1972-2005), by year and by school and also has information on number of gold medals won by individuals and schools; a progression of state records in each event from 1905; national record holders; Olympic champions; narratives of selected great champions; etc.

The book republished in 2006 after the addition of the results from the 2006 state meet. Copies of the CD/Book are available at a a cost of $10 which includes tax, postage & handling. Contact Wilbanks for more information.

Texas State Championship High School
Basketball Teams, 1921-2006

Wilbanks is currently researching a book (Texas State Championship High School Basketball Teams, 1921-2006) on the more than 300 state championship basketball teams from Texas from 1921-2006. If you have information on "later careers" of individuals on any state championship team you may contact Dr. Wilbanks and provide him with that information.

Email: WilbanksWilliam@hotmail.com    |    Phone: 512-864-4756