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Belton High School Football Records 1908-2010
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First all-student Belton H.S. team fielded in 1908; team first called “Tigers” in 1920-21
Season team records compiled by Joe Lee Smith of Beaumont TX; research by Dr. Billy Wilbanks of Belton
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Codes used below: RC=Rylander Cup given to top male athlete 1914-1959; AS=All-state; TB=Top back; TL=Top lineman; DEF=Top defensive player; P=player
Yr Rec Playoffs Coach Awards


None Held JB Hubbard P=Roy Holcomb, Pat Dougherty, Arthur .O’Connor


None Held JB Hubbard P=Andrew Bassel, Dick Shanklin, Lee Hudson
1910 0-2-0 None Held JB Hubbard  
1911 1-0-1 None Held Unknown P=Harry Nigro
1912 - - - None Held -- No team fielded by BHS in 1912
1913 0-3-0 None Held George B. Marsh P=Wm. McGarity, Carter Patterson, John Curb, V. Means
1914 0-1-1 None Held George B. Marsh RC=Lee Curtis; P=Roy Potts, Harry Blair
1915 2-3-0 None Held Unknown RC=Lee Curtis; P=Paul and Harry Blair, Robert, John and Frank Perry
1916 4-0-1 None Held Unknown RC=Fletcher Ferguson
1917 4-0-3 None Held Pace RC=M.V. Smith; P=Marvin and L. Crow, Walter Goddard and Pace
1918 1-2-0 None Held Unknown RC=Jack Smith; P=Oscar Mayo, R. Jones, A. Poteet, Byron Little
1919 1-3-0 None Held Lee Curtis RC=Jack Smith; P=Marvin Crow, Edwin. Muehlhause, Ralph Wilbanks, Byron Little
1920 4-2-1 None Held; but unofficial champs of CenTex Lee Curtis RC=Gordon Robertson
1921 7-1-0 State Playoff System Begins–“Tigers” lose to Temple in Bell Harry Nigro RC=Henry Perry
1922 2-1-1 L to Temple in Bell Harry Nigro RC=Charles Smith; P=Jamie Dyer, Olan Higginbotham
1923 7-1-1 Won Bell Ct, L to Waco Harry Nigro RC=Charles Smith; P=C. & E. Franklin, F. Southerland; All-State=Olan Higginbotham

 Capt=Byron Hallmark

1924 6-3-2 Won Bell Ct,  defeated Caldwell for “bi-sectional champ” but Waco declared reg. champ by UIL Lee Curtis P=E. Franklin, Seco Smith, B. Crow, Earl Cox, Wiley Dabbs, Froderman
1925 5-3-0   Unknown RC=Ben Higginbotham; P=B. Higginbotham, Boody Johnson, E. Miller, W. Isleib
1926 3-4-2   Charles Reese RC=Orin Barnes; P=Leland Barnes, Baldy Hall, Bob Safely
1927 B; 5-3-0 2nd to Itasca in Dist 9 Herman Clark Leland Barnes; P=Eldon Cox, Martin Safely, G. Brinegar
1928 B; 3-5-0   Buddy Savage RC=Oren Buckellew; P=Martin Safely, Eldon Cox, Lee Madden
1929 B; 6-4-0   Buddy Savage RC=Herbert Trussell and Edwin Shine; P=H. Vannoy, J. Taylor
1930 B; 3-5-1   Ed Franklin RC=Wayne Davidson; P=F. Trussell, Hudson Allen, Sonny Cowan
1931 B; 0-4-1   Bob Safely RC=Joe Barnes; P=Frank Trussel, Reed, Stephens
1932 B; 4-3-1   Bob Safley RC=Wayne Davidson, P=Jack Taylor, W. Means, O.B. White
1933 B; 4-5-0   Bob Safley RC=Lindell Ramey, P=Capt. Hudson Allen, W. Means, Rayborn Vannoy, Frinch, Lord
1934 B; 5-4-0 3rd in District 25-B Bob Safley RC=Rayborn Vannoy; P=Richard Vannoy
1935 B; 8-1-0 Won Dist. 31-B, L to Lockhart 6-0 in Bi-D Bob Safley RC/Dist MVP=AS=Rayborn Vannoy & Melton Dugger; Blackie Sherrod, Ed Miller
1936 B; 7-1-1 2nd in District 26-B Bob Safley RC=Bill Mulhollan; P=Blackie Sherrod, Rich Vannoy
1937 B; 9-1-0 Won 28-B, L Bi-D to San Saba, 33-7 Bob Safley RC=Jamie Wilson; AS=Charles Miller
1938 B; 4-2-3   Bob Safley RC=Ray Mulhollan; AS=Charles Miller; P=Jamie Wilson, B. Blackburn
1939 A; 6-4-0 In 33-A Bob Safley RC=Kelly Utley & Chester Swaim; P=Ray Carlisle, Crow, H. Heartfield
1940 A; 5-4-1   Bob Safley RC=Franklin Jeffers; P=V. Barge, E. Furnace, D. Lord, E. Muehlhause
1941 A; 2-7-0   Bob Safley RC=Vernon Barge; P=Edwin Muehlhause, H.C. Chapman
1942 A; 3-6-0   Bob Safley RC=Edwin Muehlhause; P=Pete Fielding, Mickey Horton, Gerald York
1943 A; 3-6-0   Bob Safley P=Pete Fielding, Wm. Jeffers, Dan Spears, Roy & Arthur Potts
1944 A; 4-5-0   Ed Franklin P=Dan Spears, Ed Hogwood, Dick Hays, Harris Garrett
1945 A; 1-8-0   Ed Franklin P=Dan Spears, James Holland, Howard Walker, Murrell Thompson
1946 A; 2-8-0   Bill Duncan RC=Walter Caldwell, MVP=Richard Meyer, James Holland, Dan Spears, Bob Wilson, Dorman Hunter
1947 A  4-5-1 3rd in 31-A Bill Duncan RC=Bob Wilson; P=Dick Hays, Bill Jones, Bobby Carlisle
1948 A; 0-7-2   Walter Davis RC=Royce Boren; TB=J. Wright; TL=Robert Sodek; P=B. Miller
1949 A; 4-5-1 In 21-A Carl Bage RC=Royce Boren; P=Royce Smythe, Bill Hays, Gary Stringfellow
1950 A; 2-7-1 1-4 in 21-A John Little RC=Victor Means;P=Wesley Boren, Pete Kelton, A. Sessom, W. Symes
1951 2A; 2-8-0 2-2 in 23-AA John Little RC=Charles Sessom; P=P. Fairchild, James Cox, Penny Vann
1952 2A; 6-5-0 W 23-AA,W-Lockhart,18-0,L-Killeen,19-0 JH Smith RC/TB=Duryl Bailey; TL/AS=B. Bloomer
1953 2A; 7-3-0 Tri-Champs of 23-AA JH Smith RC/TB=Penny Vann; TL/AS=Earl Wayne Miller
1954 2A; 7-3-0   JH Smith RC/TL=Rondal Boren; TB=Bucky Willson, Tom Maples
1955 2A; 8-2-0 Co-champs of 21-AA JH Smith RC/TB=Buddy Cooper; TL=Robert Bailey; P=Bobby Cline
1956 2A; 9-2-0 Won 20-AA, L-Brady, 24-7 JH Smith RC/TL=Jimmy Hannon; TB=Jimmy Mecom
1957 2A; 10-1-0 Won 20-AA, L-Brady, 7-6 JH Smith RC/TB=Jarrell Hayes; TL/AS=Charlie Williams
1958 2A; 6-2-3 W 18-AA; L-Brady, 26-14 JH Smith RC/TL/AS=Bernard Bartek; TB=Jim Wilbanks; AS=Richard Inman
1959 2A;10-1-0 Won 19-AA, L-Brady, 66-8 JH Smith RC/AS/TL=Richard Inman; TB=Dick Baker
1960 3A; 3-7-0 1-4 in 9-AAA Cedric Bettis TB=Clois Clark; TL=Randy Winkler
1961 3A; 9-0-1 Co-champs of 9-AAA Cedric Bettis TB/AS=Richard Stark; TL=Ken Gilliam; P=Melvin Blair
1962 3A; 7-2-1 4-1-1 in 13-AAA Cedric Bettis TB=Mike Pittman; TL=Bobby Utley; P=Louis Casey
1963 3A; 3-7-0 2-4 in 13-AAA Cedric Bettis TB=Gary Hannon; TL=Tom Smith
1964 3A; 6-4-0 3-1 in 13-AAA Mack Birtchet TB=Shelby Rumfield; TL=Joe York; P=Larry Stewart
1965 3A; 4-6-0 1-3 in 13-AAA Mack Birtchet TB=Wayne Mazza; AS/TL=Kenny Law
1966 3A; 6-4-0 4-4 in 13-AAA Spike Dykes AS=Robert Evans; TB=Frank Norman; TL=Tommy Parker
1967 3A; 5-5-0 4-4  in 13-AAA Jack Meredith TB/AS=Tommy Lee; TL=Scotty Killingsworth
1968 3A; 9-2-0 Won13-AAA, L-Refugio, 21-19 Jack Meredith TB=Robert Ford; TL=Mike Locklear
1969 3A;11-2-0 Won13-AAA, W-Greg-Port, 10-10, W-Kerrville, 28-16, L in semi-finals to West Columbia, 10-6 Jack Meredith TB=Jimmy Stewart; TL/AS=Rex Reid; AS=David Bartek & Charlie Griggs
1970 3A; 8-1-1 2nd (6-1) in 13-AAA Jack Meredith TB/AS=David Bartek, TL/AS=Jack White
1971 3A; 6-4-0 4-3 in 13-AAA J.A. Williams TB=Carlos Stewart; TL=Larry Brown
1972 3A; 9-3-0 Won 12-AAA N Z, L-Brenham,14-10 J.A. Williams TB=Clayton Brantley; TL=R.Schodlbauer
1973 3A;12-1-0 Won 12-AAA NZ, W-Houston Carver, 5-2, L-Henderson, 15-10 J.A. Williams TB=Joe Lindeman; TL=Johnny Wallace; DEF=R. Dominguez & Harold Davis
1974 3A;10-1-2 Won 12-AAA NZ, W-Navasota, 17-0, L in QF to Jacksonville 15-7 J.A. Williams TB=Bryan Sweeney; TL/AS=Ted Williams; DEF/AS=Robert Dominguez; DEF=Jay Warrick
1975 3A; 5-4-1 Co-Champs in NZ of 12-AAA J.A. Williams TB=Lee Russell; TL=Mac Lingo; DEF=DickBay
1976 3A; 9-1-0 2nd (6-1) in 12-AAANZ J.A. Williams TB=Mike Franklin & Bobby Tulloch; TL=Kelly Brooks & Don Elliott; DEF=Terry Butler and Lee Lingo
1977 3A; 9-2-0 Won 12-AAA, L-Marlin, 35-0 J.A. Williams TB=Rusty Whitley; TL=Mark Collier; DEF=Roy Smythe & Joe Whitley
1978 3A;10-1-0 Won 12-AAA;L-Brownwood, 20-0 Hugh Sullivan TB=Ron McInis; TL=Roy Thomas; DEF=Jackie Barnes
1979 3A; 7-3-0 6-2 in 12-AAA Hugh Sullivan TB=Willie Russell; TL=Manuel Alcozer; DEF=Jeff Boren; P=Ricky Sanders
1980 4A; 5-5-0 3-4 in 11-AAA Hugh Sullivan TB=Lemuel Butler; TL=Mike Bills; DEF=Paul Sanderford
1981 4A; 7-3-0 4-3 in 11-AAA Hugh Sullivan TB=Scott Whitley; TL=Craig Sullivan; DEF=Ricky Siegeler
1982 4A;10-2-0 Won 12-4A, W-Houston-King, 35-8, L-Bay City, 6-0 in Reg Dick Stafford TB=Brett Stafford; TL=Mark Carter & Chuck Emrich; DEF/AS=Chris Vorheis
1983 4A; 4-6-0 3rd (3-4) in 12-4A Dick Stafford TB=Steven Royal; TL=Eric Tyler; DEF=Hosea Smith
1984 4A; 8-3-0 2nd (6-2) in 6-4ANZ Dick Stafford TB=Wade Inman & Mike Mayfield; TL/DEF=J.Childress
1985 4A; 6-4-0 2nd (3-2) in 9-4A Dick Stafford TB=Jeff Stanley; TL=Danny Meredith; DEF=Tony Valdez
1986 4A; 8-3-0 Co-Champs of 9-4A, L-Brenham, 15-14 Dick Stafford TB=Wallie Autry; TL=Jim McLeod & G. Alcozer; DEF=E.Worley
1987 4A; 6-4-0 3rd (5-2) in 9-4A Dick Stafford TB=M. McGowan; TL=Frank Mueller; DEF=Jason Bynum
1988 4A; 7-4-1 2nd in 9-4A ( 3-1-1), W-Brownwood 35-14, L-WF Hirschi 26-16 Jim Rodrigue TB=Keller Daniels; TL/AS=Mike Faglie; DEF=Frank Arredondo
1989 4A; 9-2-0 Won 8-4A, L-Stephenville, 32-6 in Bi-D Jim Rodrigue TB=Thomas Sholars; TL/DEF=Eric Roach; AS=Bo Ferguson, Mike Faglie, and Scott Smith
1990 4A; 2-8-0 In 18-4A Jim Rodrigue TB=Toby Rumfield; TL=Eric Roach  DEF=Raymond Williams; AS=Bo Ferguson
1991 4A; 9-2-0 Won 18-4A, L-Chapel Hill, 42-0 Jim Rodrigue TB=Chris Gillians; TL=James Persley; AS=Julius Johnson, Raymond Williams & Jason Ward; DEF=Derrick Heminger
 1992 4A; 6-3-1 3rd (3-1-1) in 25-4A Jim Rodrigue TB=Brock Rumfield; TL=Jamie Gonzalez; AS=Jason Ward; DEF=Raymond Williams
1993 4A; 9-3-0 Won 25-4A (5-0) W-Anderson, 48-14, L-Westlake, 21-17 Jim Rodrigue TB=Brock Rumfield; TL= Jamie Gonzalez; AS=Darren Brinkley; DEF=D.J. Boone
1994 4A; 6-4-0 3rd (3-2) in 25-4A Jim Rodrigue TB=Mario Bronson; TL=Jacob Luna; DEF=Jason Brown
1995 4A; 4-6-0 3-2 in 25-4A Jim Rodrigue TB=Mario Bronson; TL=Scott Thrush ; DEF=Stuart Petty
1996 5A; 0-10-0 0-5 in 13-5A Jim Rodrigue TB=Kyle Tidwell; TL=Stephen Cox; DEF=Brad Locklin
1997 5A; 2-8-0 1-4 in 13-5A Jay Warrick TB=C. Johnson; TL=D. Costine & N. Mays; DEF=J. Anzaldua
1998 4A; 8-5-0 Co-Champs of 25-4A; W-Travis, 14-12, W-Hays Cons., 28-21, L-Alice, 16-14 in QF Jay Warrick TB=Cody Fredenburg & B.J. Soto; TL=Noah Mays; AS/DEF=Josh Tubbs; AS=Brad Bartz; DEF=Al Maxwell
1999 4A; 11-1-0 Won 25-4A; W-McCallum, 42-14, L-Hays Cons., 19-10 Jay Warrick TB=Cody Fredenburg; TL=Doug McCarty & Jeff Parker; DEF/AS=Al Maxwell
2000 4A; 5-7-0 3rd in 17-4A, W-Huntsville, 38-14, L-Nederland, 38-7 Jay Warrick TOB= Jeff Holman, TDB=Brandon Thompson, TDL=Brian Sodek & Josh Bly, TOL-Doug McCarty, DEF=Justin Ward
2001 4A; 5-6-0 2nd in 18-4A, Lost to Magnolia, 34-21 Jay Warrick OMVP=Nathan Warrick & Jeff Holman, DMVP=Dustin Templin & Justin Kristinek; OL=Cody Scaff; DL=Garrett Martin; DB=Matt Peeler & Jessie Ramirez
2002 5A; 5-5 4th in 14-5A Jay Warrick TOB=Ramonce Taylor, TDB=Ethan Bush, OL=Joey Garza, TDL=Kyle Lively & Josh Wheeler, DEF=Adam Warehime & Dante Cozart
2003 5A; 9-2 Tie for 1st with A&M & Temple; Lost to Leander in bi-district Jay Warrick AS/OMVP=Ramonce Taylor, AS/DMVP/DL=William Bell, TOL=Tyler Bailey, TDB=Ethan Bush, DMVP=Adam Warehime
2004 5A; 0-10   Jay Warrick OMVP=Quincy Daniels; DMVP=Blake Holt; DB=Brooks Kimmey; OL-Cory Smith; DL=Justin Hinds
2005 5A; 4-6   Jay Warrick AS/TOB/OMVP=Quincy Daniels; AS=Brandon Wilde; TDB=Clint Brown; TDL= E.J. Salinas & Kyler Love; OL=Tim Hardwick; DEF=Josh Aguallo
2006 5A; 0-10   Jay Warrick OMVP/OB=Keith Daniels DMVP/DB=Brandon Wilde; OMVP/OL=Johnny Narvaiz; DL=Thomas Pare.
2007 5A;  3-7   Rodney Southern OMVP/TOP=Keith Daniels; TOL=Jose Morales; TWR=Kevin Thornton; DPofY=Kyle Voss; TDL=Zack Sakaria; TLB=Brett Harnandez; TDB=Luke Wardell; ST=Hugo Cruz
2008 5A; 3-7   Rodney Southern MVP=David Ash; MVP-O=Kevin Thornton; MVP-D=Kyle Voss; MVP-ST=Tyler Pate; TDB=Justin Jefferson; TOL=Cody Gangloff; TDL=Zac Sakaria; TWR=Jarret Crowell; TOB-Anthony Huber; TLB=Tyler Vail
2009 5A; 10-2 Lost in Bi-District Rodney Southern OMVP=David Ash; DMVP & TDL=Zac Sakaria; MVP-ST=Tyler Pate; TDB=Broderick Crain; TOL=Cooper Smith;  TWR=Jeff Lepak; TOB=Anthony Huber; TLB=Tyler Vail
2010 5A; 5-6 Lost in Bi-Dist Rodney Southern OMVP=David Ash; DMVP=Darrius White; STMVP=Tyler Pate; TOL=Taylor Harris; TOB=Kenny Shuler; TWC=Adrian Henderson; TDL=Stephen Honeywood; TDB=Darrius White; TLB=Davis Butler
2011 5A; 8-3 Lost in Bi-Dist Rodney Southern OMVP=Donavan Williams; DMVP=Ryan Stinson; STMVP=;Levi Jordan; TOL=Michael Gall; TOB=Donavan Williams; TWC=Derrick Bates; TDL=Joe Guthrie; TDB=Trey Rose & Shane Ward; TLB=Ryan Stinson

The History of Belton High School Football, 1903-2010

 Organized football began at Belton High School in 1903 when the school board hired Louis H. Hubbard, a former football player at the University of Texas, as principal, English teacher and football and baseball coach.  Because of a shortage of players and no eligibility rules, Coach Hubbard played QB and Superintendent J.B. Hubbard played FB on the 1903 team..  Two 7th graders and a freshman were added to the seven players from high school for the first game in 1903 against a “group of town men” who called themselves the “Belton Boosters.”  No other area high schools played football until around 1907 and thus the Belton student/faculty team played only local adult teams from 1903-1906.  Competition with other high schools began in 1907 when Belton played Temple H.S. twice.  Belton played Lampasas in 1908, McGregor in 1909, and Rogers in 1911.

 Belton’s first “student only” team was fielded in 1908 and was coached by Supt. J.B. Hubbard and Principal Louis B. Hubbard.  The team was comprised of 19 students and played in a pasture just south of the North Belton Cemetery.  The team uniform consisted of turtle-neck sweaters (“with a lot of padding sewed on the shoulders and elbors”) and a pair of shoes provided by the parents—there was no mention of helmets.  Arthur O’Connor was team captain and the team featured two speedy backs, Roy Holcomb and Pat Dougherty, who finished 1st and 2nd in the 100-yard and 200-yard dashes at the state track meet in 1909.  Considerable detail on this team is provided by the 1908-1909 BHS yearbook, “The Broncho.”

 Statewide playoffs sanctioned by the University InterScholastic League (UIL) began in 1921 with Belton competing with other Bell County Schools (Temple, Kileen, Bartlett, Holland) with the champion going on to play other county champions, regional champions, etc.  Belton won its first county championship in 1923.  The team was not called the Tigers until 1920-21 when the yearbook, “The Broncho” referred to the team as the “Tigers.”  Previously the newspapers referred to the team simply as the “Belton High School football team” though blankets given to lettermen in 1919 used the Tiger as the school symbol.

 The UIL created class divisions by size of school in 1927 with Belton being classified as “B” and Temple as “A.”  Belton moved to Class A in 1939; 2-A in 1951; 3A in 1960; 4A in 1980; 5-A in 1996-97; and 4-A in 1998-2001.  The attached summary list presents season records from 1908-2001 with the names of coaches and players.  Teams winning district championships and/or teams making the playoffs are underlined.  The season records were compiled by Joe Lee Smith of Beaumont TX and the other research is by Dr. Billy Wilbanks.

Belton High School Basketball Records 1920-2008
if you have additions/corrections     Email Me

Yr Conf Record Coach Leading Scorers, Starters
1920   3-5 on year T.L. Smith V. Forester, J. Smith, Ralph Wilbanks, H. Richardson, R. Greer

Play toward UIL sponsored State Championship Begins in 1921

1921   L to Temple in Bell A Lee Curtis Smith, Robertson, Kaller, Forester, Greer, & Ed Franklin
1922   L to Temple in Bell A H.R. Wright C. & Ed Franklin, C. & O. Higginbotham, Matthews, Muehlhause
1923   L to Temple in Bell A Harry Nigro Muehlhause, B. & O. Higginbotham, Seco Smith, C. & Ed Franklin

Open new Hubbard gym.
Before 1924 all home games were played outdoors–even Temple had no gym.

1924   Unknown Harry Nigro C. and Ed Franklin, B. & O. Higginbotham, and C. Smith
1925   L to Temple in Bell A Kit Carson O. & B. Higginbotham, E. Franklin, S. Smith, Bob Safley, Martin Safley
1926   L to Temple in Bell A Kit Carson B. Higginbotham, Bob & Martin Safley, Winfrey, Tomlinson & Isleib
1927   L to Temple in Bell A Charles Reece O. & L. Barnes, J. Taylor, Gregory, Martin Safley & Duke
1928   L to Temple in Bell A Herman Clark G. & M. Smith, L. Barnes, M. Lamar, J. Taylor, Martin Safley
1929   L to Temple in Bell A Ed Franklin T. Jones, Blaylock, M. Lamar, Oren Buckellew, Martin Safley
1930   L to Bartlett in Bell A Ed Franklin F Trussell, H. Trussell,  Jones
1931   L to Bartlett in Bell A Ed Franklin L. & C. Vannoy, F. Trussell, L. Anderson, J. Barnes
1932   L to Bartlett in Bell A Bob Safley Means, Trussell, Farrish, Cowan, Davidson
1933   Won Bell Ct Class A W-Bell B & rural  W-Buckholts in reg  L-Waco in region


Bob Safley Rayborn Vannoy, Farrish, Cowan, Davidson, & B. Means
1934   Won Bell Ct Class W-Bell B & rural W-Johnson City-reg  L-Temple in region


Bob Safley Rayborn Vannoy, L. Ramey, McQueen, Dugger, Means, Lanham
1935   L to Killeen in Bell A Bob Safley Rayborn Vannoy, M. Dugger, R. Medley, C. Van Dyke, S. Hannon
1936   Won Bell Ct Class A W-Bell B & rural;  W-San Marcos-reg  L-Austin HS in Reg Bob Safley Jamie Wilson, Rayborn Vannoy, Smedley, Bill Mullhollan, Miller
1937   Won Bell Ct Class A W-Bell Class B & rural; W-8 Ct Tour; L-Temple in reg Bob Safley Jamie Wilson, B. Mulhollan, N. Furnace, R. Cox & Blackie Sherrod
1938   Won Bell Ct. Class A; W-Bell Class B and rural; W-8 County Tour; W-Shiner & SA TJ in Reg; L-Dallas WW at state--30-5 on yr Bob Safley Jamie Wilson, Ray Stringer, Doyle McQueen, Joe & Nick Furnace
1939   Won Bell Ct. Class A; L to Temple in Regional Tour Bob Safley Ray Mulhollan, C. Swaim, Kelly Utley, N. Furnace, R. Carlisle, B. Blackburn
1940   Won Bell Ct. Class A; L to Briggs in Reg Bob Safley Chester Swaim, Kelly Utley, Ray Carlisle
1941   Won Bell Ct. Class A; W-Lampasas, L-San Marcos in Reg Bob Safley V. Barge, Wm L. Jeffers, W. Bradford, D. Lord, & Earl Furnace

UIL Begins B, A & AA classifications with state championship in each division–end of County Championship and County Playoffs and beginning of "District" play

1942 A L Dist pl-off to R-bud Bob Safley Vernon Barge, Horace. Jones, A. Potts, T. Cox, W. Gaines
1943 A Eliminated in Dist Bob Safley Bobby Carlisle, Edwin Muehlhause, Pete Fielding, Arthur & Roy Potts
1944 A 2nd Dist to Lampasas Ed Franklin Bobby Carlisle, A. & Roy Potts, Pete Fielding, WL Jeffers, E. Hogwood
1945 A Won Dist 26-A W-Lockhart in Reg; L-  SA Lanier-Reg Fin Ed Franklin Harris Garrett, M. Thompson & Wm L Jeffers, E. Hogwood, N. Mayes
1946 A Eliminated in Dist Ed Franklin Howard Walker, Dan Spears, Gillis Graham, Roy, Dorman Hunter
1947 A Tied for 4th in Dist Bill Duncan Dorman Hunter, Roy Renick, Walter Caldwell, G Gerstenberg
1948 A Lost in District Tour Bill Duncan Dorman.Hunter, Ted Whitlow, Ted Best, Bob Wilson, Dick & Bill Hays
1949 A Lost in District Tour Ralph Hollywood Bobby Tulloch, Royce Boren, Dick Jones, Billy Miller, Bill Northam
1950 A 3rd in District Ralph Hollywood Bobby Tulloch, Royce Boren, Dick Jones, Guinn Williams, L. Coleman
1951 A 2nd in D (16-6, 7-3) Ralph Hollywood Edgar Barnett, Jerry Adkisson, Paul Kelton, D. Moore, A. Fielding
1952 AA Last in District Wallace Johnson Jerry Adkisson, Edgar Barnett, Earl Wayne Miller, Penny Vann
1953 AA 4th in Dist (4-11,2-6) Charles Johnson Penny Vann, Earl Wayne Miller, Fred Tulloch, LeRoy Johnson, Owen Carpenter
1954 AA 3rd in District Charles Johnson Penny Vann, Earl Wayne Miller, Fred Tulloch, W. Jackson, B. Dixon

Open new gym at what is now Belton J.H.S.

1955 AA 2nd in D (14-2, 8-2) Mack Birtchet Fred Tulloch, Ken Ward, Owen Carpenter, Dan Martin, John Kelly
1956 AA Dist Champs (9-1)  Bye in Bi-Dist        L-NE SA in region Mack Birtchet Ken Ward, Dan Martin, Buddy Cooper, Billy Smith, Billy Wilbanks, Ken Cunningham 
1957 AA 2nd in Dist (19-7,10-2) Mack Birtchet Billy Wilbanks, Bernard Bartek, Jim Evetts, Tom Normand, Jarrell Hayes
1958 AA Dist Champ(23-8,12-0)  W-Burnet, Gonzales & Rusk in reg; Seminole & New London at state State Champions Mack Birtchet Billy Wilbanks, Richard Inman, Dale.West, Bernard Bartek, James Brantley, Jarrell Hayes, Dennis Watson, Will Garner, Tom Normand, Bill Surghnor, Dickie Baker & Calvin Hayes
1959 AA Dist Champ(29-4,8-0)  W-Bi-Dist; L to Buna in region Mack Birtchet Richard Inman, Dale West, Bernard Bartek, DennisWatson, Will Garner, Bill Ward, Chuck Fath
1960 AA Dist Champ (35-6) W-Bi-Dist, W-Buna in reg; L to Dimmitt in state semi-final Mack Birtchet Dale West, Richard Inman, Dennis Watson, Bill Ward, Neal Chaney, Chuck Fath
1961 3A 2nd in Dist (26-3) Mack Birtchet Bill Ward,  Neal Chaney, Chuck Fath, Lonnie Faglie, Charlie Ramm, Melvin Blair
1962 3A 2nd in D (23-4) Mack Birtchet Charles Ramm, Melvin Blair, Lonnie Faglie, Louis Casey, Bill Barge
1963 3A 2nd in Dist (17-10) Mack Birtchet Bill Barge, Ed Brantley, Lonnie Faglie, Walter Huey, L.Chaney
1964 3A 9-18 (3-9) Jack Worthington Larry Chaney, Walter Huey, Vic Salazar, Larry Stewart, Gary Hannon
     Belton H.S. basketball integrated
1965 3A Dist Champ(12-16,5-3)  L-San Marcos in Bi-Dist J. Blankenship Larry Stewart, Bob Sewell, Gary Douglas, Shelby. Rumfield, D. Reed
1966 3A Dist Champ(19-10,7-1)  L-SA Houston in BiDist J. Blankenship Bob Sewell, Terry Hood, Tommy Grant, Jim Phillips, Glenn Herring
1967 3A 2nd in NZ 11-13 (6-2) J. Blankenship Tommy Grant, Tommy Lee, Tommy Hood, Rusty Curtis, Jay Taggart
1968 3A Tied for NZ(17-10,7-1)  L-Rockdale in Zone playoff J. Blankenship Tommy Lee, Jay Taggart, Bobby Blair, Danny Ramm, David Petty
1969 3A 3rd in D (15-12, 10-4) J. Blankenship Danny Ramm, Timmy Brown,  James Connally, Preston Clemons
1970 3A D Tri-Champ(23-9,11-3)  L-Del Valle in Dist playoff J. Blankenship John Messer, Timmy Brown, Danny Ramm, J. Gatson, G. Aldridge
1971 3A (13-15, 8-6) Charlie Wilcox George Aldridge Cliff Collier, R. Coufal, Warren Issac, J. Navarette
1972 3A Last in D(?-?,3-11) Charlie Wilcox Joe Lingo, Andy Rhoads, Terry Sanford, Jerry Locklin, S. Ash
1973 3A 3rd in D (17-9, 6-2) Charlie Wilcox Jerry Locklin, Andy Rhoads, Mac Lingo, Ray Whitmire
1974 3A 3rd in NZ (?-?, 4-4) Doug Ruthven Booker Russell, Mac Lingo, Bryan Sweeney, W. Royster, J. Faulk
1975 3A 2nd in D (20-8, 9-1) Doug Ruthven  Mac Lingo, Bryan Sweeney, John Faulk, Lee Russell
1976 3A Z Tri-Champs(19-11) Doug Ruthven L Russell, M. Lingo, R. Hickerson, F. Newman, M. Demerson, T .Rose
1977 3A (8-25, 2-12) Boyce Paxton Renaldo Stowers, Don Elliott, Greg Otrupcak, Eddie Stowers
1978 3A (19-14, 8-6) Boyce Paxton R. Stowers, Ricky Sanders, Greg Otrupcak, David Wesson
1979 3A (10-16,4-9) Ron McDonald Oliver Parker, Ricky Sanders, Mark Guillen, Greg Gorrell

Open new gym at present location of high school

1980 3A 2nd in D(16-15,6-3) Ron McDonald Oliver Parker, Ricky Sanders, L. Butler, Willie Russell
1981 4A (13-19,5-8) Robt Murphy L.Butler, G. Davis, J. Ash, A. Boston, G. Garrett, B. Glanzer
1982 4A 11-20 (6-8) Benny Ward V. Stowers, M. DePoy, W. Blackmon, J. Pickens, M. Kemp, M. Eno
1983 4A (11-19, 5-9) Benny Ward Vincent Stowers, Kenneth Rector, Mark Kemp, Terrance LaTouche
1984 4A Tie 2nd D(19-14,10-5) Benny Ward Ken Rector, Ron Hubbard, J. Holmes, M. Kemp, J. Thompson
1985 4A (17-12, 4-6) Benny Ward Ken Rector, John Thompson, Ronnie Howard, Perry Glanzer
1986 4A T for N Z(17-16,7-4) L to Moore in D playoff; L-G-town in Zone playoff Benny Ward John Thompson, Mike Armstrong, Ronny Howard, Brian Baggerly, Shon Owens,
1987 4A (19-13, 8-6) Benny Ward Monty Barnes, Brian Baggerly, Greg Ratcliff, Shon Owens, Dexter Stowers, Mike Armstrong
1988 4A 2nd in Dist (27-7, 12-3)  L-Cleveland in Bi-District Benny Ward Billy Carlock, Greg Ratcliff, C. Johnson, D. Stowers, T. Rumfield
1989 4A (12-18,6-4) Benny Ward Steve Fleming, Toby Rumfield, T. Scholars, C. Stowers, C. Johnson
1990 4A Tie 2nd in Z(18-12,7-3) Benny Ward Toby Rumfield,, Thomas Scholars, Chs. Johnson, C. Stowers, B.Whiteley
1991 4A 2nd in D (19-14, 6-4)  w-Whitehouse in Bi-Dist; L-Cleveland in region Tom Braden Toby Rumfield, Marty Garcia, V.Sottosanti, S. Severn, C. Tidwell
1992 4A (13-16, 5-5) Tom Braden Jerome Stowers, Julius Johnson, V. Sottosanti, Marty Garcia, R. Smith
1993 4A (15-15, 5-5) Rob Wylie Steve Hachtel, Jody Weems, Brock Rumfield, Mike Locklin, J. Johnson
1994 4A (16-16, 4-6) Rob Wylie Mike Locklin, Jody Weems, Kenny Kirby, Ben Smith, B. Shofner
1995 4A (9-17, 5-3) Rob Wylie Bobby Shofner, Chris Smith, Fabian Roberson, Nathan Saxton
1996 4A (11-19,4-6) Rob Wylie Sentell Tatum, Chris Smith, Nathan Saxton, Ryan Lorenz, C. Smith
1997 5A (13-14, 1-7) Rob Wylie Sentell Tatum, J. Johnson, D. Koonsen, R. Lorenz, Andy Wharton
1998 5A (16-15, 4-6) Rob Wylie Ryan Lorenz, David Koonsen, Shelton Simmons, Andy Wharton
1999 4A (8-20, 3-7) Ed Braeuer Antwoin Perkins, Bobo Wieland, Ryan Brewer, Al Maxwell
2000 4A (17-13,8-4) Ed Braeuer Zach Young, T. Andrews, Mike Petty, J. Houston, J. Mirabel
2001 4A 2nd in Dist (21-11,7-3) L-Navasota in Bi-Dist Ed Braeuer Richard Garrett, Bert Lopez, Jarrad Houston, Jamal Sanders, J. Swartz
2002 4A Dist Champs (30-6, 9-1) W-Jasper; L-B-Ozen in region Ed Braeuer Jason Swartz, Chris Poole, Matt Braeuer, Ramonce Taylor, M. Garrett
2003 5A Tie-2nd (23-11, 6-4 in 13-5A)  W-Pflugerville; L-Spring Westfield in region Ed Braeuer Chris Poole, Matt Braeuer, Ramonce Taylor, Dusty Banks, J. Ferguson
2004 5A Dist Co-champs (25-11, 6-4)  W-Westwood, W-Cy-Falls; L-McNeil-reg Ed Braeuer Ramonce Taylor, Matt Braeuer, J. Ferguson, B. Jefferson, Melvin Miller; 
2005 5A (9-23, 3-11) Rusty Walker Bryce Anderson, Melvin Miller, Brandon Jefferson, Marlon Miller, Adrian Curtis, Hudson Kennedy  
2006 5A (4-28, 0-12) Robert White Bryce Anderson, Tom Thornton, Michael Potts, Terrell Ransom, Trent Brown, Brett Dominguez
2007 5A (8-24, 0-12) Robert White Trey Lippincott, Brandon Kirkland, Nick Shelburne, Bobby Fajkus, G. Dunn
2008 5A (10-21, 1-11) John Osborn Trey Lippincott, Bobby Fajkus, Nick Shelburne, S. Crump, G. Dunn, M. Huddleston, Trevor Ligon
2009 5A (9-22, 3-11) John Osborn Eric Braeuer, Sean Voss, Jeff Lipak, Michael

Huddleston, Saquonne Crump

2010 5A (15-12, 3-7 John Osborn Eric Braeuer, Jacob Whitman, Sean Voss, Jeff Lepak, Adrian Henderson, D. White, C. Marbach
2011 5A (12-12, 2-4) John Osborn Sean Voss, Jacob Whitman, Adrian Henderson, Trey Rose,Daniel Mills, Louis Staggers, Tanaj Washington
2012 5A (5-26, 1-13) John Osborn ,Daniel Mills, Thomas Barnes, Trey Rose, Tanaj Washington, Braden Hamilton, Bo Vaughn, J. Owens

(as far as research in 2008 can determine)

Belton Tigers won County or District or Zone Championship in following years:

County Champs
1933, 1934, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1941

District/Zone Champs
1945, 1956, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1965, 1966, 1968, 1970, 1976, 1986,  2002 & 2004

Went to Regional Tournament
1933, 1934, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1941, 1945, 1956, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1991, 2002, 2003 & 2004

Went to State Tournament
1938, 1958, 1960

Won State Championship

Individual Records:

Most Points in One Game
   44 by Tommy Grant (1967)
   44 by Ramonce Taylor (2004)
2nd Most Points in One Game
   42 by Bill Barge (1963)
3rd Most Point in One Game
   39 by Billy Carlock (1988)

On Jan. 8, 2004, Ramonce Taylor scored 44 points (including eight 3-pointers) on 16-22 shooting in 83-66 victory over 8th ranked Amarillo H.S. at Belton gym.

Most Points & PPG Average In A Tournament
    113 in 3 games (37.7 ppg) by Tommy Grant at Temple Tournament (1967)—still a Temple Tournament record

Most Points In a Playoff Game
33 by Ken Ward (1956) against N.E. San Antonio in regional

Best Scoring Average For A Year
24.1 by Tommy Grant (1967)
2nd Best Scoring Average For a Year
    23.8 by Billy Carlock (1988)

Top Scorers by Points per Game for one season:

24.1--Tommy Grant, 1967; 23.8--Billy Carlock; 22.6--Richard Inman; 22.6--Matt Braeuer, 2004;

21.9--Ramonce Taylor, 2004; 21.6--Billy Wilbanks, 1958; 20.9--Billy Wilbanks, 1957.

Team Records

Most consecutive district games won
41 from Jan. 25, 1957 to Jan. 24, 1961

Most Points by a team in one game
    110-104 by 2003 Belton Tigers against San Antonio East on Nov. 28, 2002
    109 by 1959 Belton Tigers (109-22 over Rogers)

Most wins by team in a season
    35 by 1960 team
    30 by 1938 team and 2002 team

Best Winning Percentage in a Season
    90% (26-3) by 1961 team
    88% (28-4) by 1959 team
    86% by 2002 team

Greatest Winning Margin in a Playoff Game
    52 points by 1960 team in 102-50 bi-district win over Brady

Most Dominating Year By a Team in District Play
    In 1959 Belton averaged 85 ppg to opponents’ 35 in 8 District games for an average victory margin of 50 points

All-State Players:
 Jamie Wilson in 1938 —All-State Tournament in era where there was no state-wide All-State team
 Billy Wilbanks in 1958 (2nd team)
 Richard Inman in 1959 (1st team) and 1960 (1st team)
 Dale West in 1960 (2nd team)
 Bill Ward in 1961 (1st team)
 Bob Sewell in 1966 (3rd team)
 Tommy Grant in 1967 (3rd team)
 Billy Carlock in 1988 (2nd team)
 Matt Braeuer in 2003 (1st team-5A)

    *as announced in Belton Journal & from school records  
    Valedictorian Salutatorian  
1916   Lee Curtis Harry Young  
1917   Beuna Pedigo Fletcher Ferguson  
1918   LeRoy Duggan Christine Evetts  
1919   Annie Duggan Ethel Fischer  
1920   Walton Cochran Virginia Elizabeth James  
1921   Jack Smith Vara Stamper  
1922   Edward B. Duggan Clarence Lee Cline  
1923   Andrew Wood Billie Calvert  
1924   Evelyn Morris Mabel Sutherland  
1925   Burney Lois Vick Edith M. Jeffers  
1926   Fern Carll Ara Sutherland  
1927   Kathleen Cline      (tie) Beth Means  
1928   Jewell Christine Bates Maudie Welch  
1929   Laura Lee Hiatt Kenneth Woods  
1930   Eleanor James       (tie) Grace James  
1931   Joseph Van Ness Tom Jones  
1932   Katherine Gott Christine Beall  
1933   Frances Crain June Hickerson  
1934   Margaret Jane McKay Bill Aiken  
1935   Martha James Mary Porter  
1936   Jermilee Holland Anna Lucile Durham  
1937   Doris Gay Wilson Opal Lougene French  
1938   Jack Jones Helen Richling  
1939   Mabel Sparra Annie Laura Furnace  
1940   Charles Garner H.J. DuBose  
1941   Martha Elizabeth Cox Susan Sanderford  
1942   Hugh Tims Vernon Barge  
1943   Roy Ray, Jr. Janell Huey  
1944   Mary Beth Etheridge Jack Lawrence  
1945   Florence Elizabeth Peek Jamie Florence McBeath  
1946   Elsie Ann Shaw Jo Ann Mulhollan  
1947   Jean Ward Betty Jeanne Seals  
1948   Richard Vann Bobby Messer  
1949   Dolores Ann Stark Barbara Sue Sellers  
1950   Sue Simmons Guinn Williams  
1951   Joyce Holmes Alice Nelson  
1952   Frances Machalek Jake Ethridge  
1953   Tommy Matthews Duane Whitlow  
1954   Penny Vann Betty Ann Barrett  
1955   Owen P. Carpenter, Jr. Jannette Sewell  
1956   Joyceann Jones Marilyln Clawson  
1957   Bobby Adkisson Virginia Hare  
1958   Billy Wilbanks Marion Hagler  
1959   Milton Machalek Charles Coppin  
1960   Cecelia Claburn Jane Sandlin  
1961   Claudia Cabaniss Nan Frazer  
1962   Vade Forrester Mae Arnold  
1963   Edna Ann Williams David Jones  
1964   James Parker Ann Sewell  
1965   Carolyn Kattner Jeanne Petty  
1966   Beth Brackin Daryl Long  
1967   Nancy Knelly Donna Burton  
1968   Ronnie Whitis Sharon McCutcheon  
1969   Patricia Zook James Carlton Aiken  
1970   Sharon Fischer Bill Hargrove  
1971   Mike Cantrell Lizzie Griffin  
1972   Juanita King Celinda Hallbauer  
1973   Rhonda Ragsdale Susan Austin  
1974   Cheryl Lawson Annette Henderson  
1975   Boyce Cabaniss Dana Floyd  
1976   Jennifer Ash Lana Johnson  
1977   Kelly Brooks Leah Rudasill  
1978   Rebecca Meissner Ruth Gibson  
1979   Joy Hall Angela Harwood  
1980   Deborah Danzeiser Jill Hunt  
1981   Renee Ashby Miriam Meissner  
1982   Perriangela Wickham Carole Scharth  
1983   Dennis Young Eric Haugeberry  
1984   Cheryl Kasberg Dan Newberry  
1985   Perry Glanzer Kelly Wright  
1986   Chris Reed Mandy McClure  
1987   David Reynolds Steve Robbins  
1988   Sharon Beebe Tonya Hammer  
1989   Ben T. Babcock Derek Smith  
1990   Barbara Neal Marshall Pounds  
1991   Andrea Hebert Beth Billeck  
1992   Laura Connell Ronda Barloom  
1993   Ben Doke Shelley Hughes  
1994   Stephanie Rasmussen Ryan Jessup  
1995   Melissa Garza David Coakwell  
1996   Allison Vitek Patricia Menzie  
1997   Gregory Taggart Richard Hurley  
1998   Anthony Garza Eric Bridenbaugh  
1999   Anne Hargrove Melissa Weaver  
2000   Candace Cohagan Angela Fulton  
2001   James Garza Erin Pearson  
2002   Jennifer Ross Brooke Lane  
2003   Julie Peterson Joseph Garza  
2004   Paul Hollingsworth Anna Finn  
2005   Michael Easley Jennifer Churchill  
2006   Brandi Stevenson Cara Parker  
2007   Andrew Daniel Hayden Barron David Austin Hagen  
2008   Nicholas Shelburne Samantha Allen  
  2009   Alex Kimbrough Aaron Gross  
  2010   David Elliott Kline Aynsley Kay Young  


# of Grads=38 in 1920; 60 in 1930; 54 in 1938; 62 in 1946;

    78 in 1958; 68 in 1960; 167 in 1970; 215 in 1980; 263 in 1990;  
    365 in 1996; 370 in 2001; 427 in 2007; & 519 in 2008  
    *research by Billy Wilbanks    
    This list of Valedictorians & Salutatorians is found on the   
    internet at: along with season records  
    in football and basketball for Belton H.S. from 1908-2008  



2007 5A;  3-7   Rodney Southern OMVP/TOP=Keith Daniels; TOL=Jose Morales; TWR=Kevin Thornton; DPofY=Kyle Voss; TDL=Zack Sakaria; TLB=Brett Harnandez; TDB=Luke Wardell; ST=Hugo Cruz