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About William Wilbanks
A Brief Bio

William Lee ("Billy") Wilbanks was born in Temple Texas on May 30, 1940, to DeLay Hiriam and Wilma Frankie Garner Wilbanks; raised in Belton TX and graduated as valedictorian of Belton H.S. in 1958; was an All-State guard on Belton's 1958 State AA Championship basketball team and attended Texas Tech (as freshman) and Abilene Christian College on basketball scholarships; received B.A. from ACC (1963), and M.A.'s from ACC (1965), Sam Houston State University (1972), and the State U. of N.Y. at Albany (1972) and Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from SUNYA (1975); served on New York State Commission on Attica while a graduate student in New York from 1971-1972; taught criminal justice at Florida International University from 1973-1999; appeared on national television as an expert on criminology more than 30 times from 1981-1997, including four appearances on CNN's "Crossfire" and two appearances on CBS' "60 Minutes;" and wrote more than 15 books and 70 journal articles/book chapters. His last five books were on police officers killed in the line of duty:

  1. Forgotten Heroes: Police Officers Killed in Dade County, FL, 1895-1995, Turner Pub., 1996

  2. Forgotten Heroes: Police Officers Killed in Greenville County, SC, 1797-1996, Turner Pub., 1997

  3. Forgotten Heroes: Police Officers Killed in Early Florida, 1840-1925, Turner Pub., 1998

  4. Forgotten Heroes: Police Officers Killed in Alaska, 1867-1997, Turner Pub., 1999

  5. True Heroines: Police Women Killed in the Line of Duty in the U.S., 1916-1999, Turner Pub., 2000

Some of Wilbanks' books are listed on the websites of Barnes & Noble and Amazon. His Forgotten Heroes and True Heroines books are published by TURNER PUBLICATIONS (1-800-788-3350). The names of all of the officers in all five books are included on the website of THE NATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT MEMORIAL in Washington D.C. The more recent names are included on the OFFICER DOWN MEMORIAL PAGE which maintains a daily update on the names of officers killed in the U.S.

Wilbanks has been the keynote speaker at Police Memorial Services in Miami FL; Gainesville FL; and Belton TX and his research has been responsible for the addition of more than 75 names to the National Law Enforcement Memorial. The more than 100 photographs he collected for the Dade County FL book were used to build a "Wall of Honor" at the Dade County Police Academy. (See also "About the Author") at the end of the INTRODUCTION.)

Wilbanks retired in July of 1999 and currently resides in Georgetown (Sun City), Texas where he maintains and AN ADDENDUM on the Internet to his last book, True Heroines: Police Women Killed In the Line of Duty Throughout the United States, 1916-1999 (Turner Pub., 1-800-788-3350).  In 2001 he completed the Belton High School Athletic Wall of Honor which includes 72 individuals and 5 championship teams from 1909-2001.  In 2005 & 2006 he published: Texas High School Track Champions, 1906-2006.  He is currently researching a book to be entitled:  Texas High School Basketball Champions, 1921-2006.

Wilbanks  may be reached at:  WilbanksWilliam@hotmail.com.

Email: WilbanksWilliam@hotmail.com    |    Phone: 512-864-4756